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The responsible use of health and care data is essential for:

  • providing individual care
  • planning health and care services
  • carrying out research to find new treatments, or develop services.

Across the Thames Valley and Surrey (TVS) health and care organisations are working with their staff, patients and the public to create better access to accurate and complete data for care, planning and research. Making sure that there are the highest standards of security and confidentiality.


The NHS has been powered by data since it was established in 1948. Every time patients come into contact with the NHS, we learn a bit more about the nation’s health and about the services we provide. By safely and securely collecting and analysing patient data, we can build up a detailed picture.  This helps us to:

  • research new treatments
  • deliver the right services
  • improve the NHS
  • improve patient care.
Powerful moments, powered by NHS Data