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The TVS SDE Programme Team

  • Ben Attwood
    Senior Responsible Owner

  • Jason Dorsett
    Chief Finance Officer

  • Kerrie Woods 
    Programme Director

  • Professor Jim Davies
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dr Sian Rees
    Patient, public and professional involvement and engagement lead

  • Colin Godbold
    Public Partner

  • Dr Fred Kemp
    Commercial partnerships lead

  • Ralph Shackell
    Information Governance lead

  • Alex Wilson
    Caldicott Guardian

  • Dr Alistair Moore 
    Caldicott Guardian

  • Matt Harris
    Digital services lead

  • Assoc. Prof. Brian Marsden
    Academic partnerships lead

  • Ross Fullerton
    NHS partnerships lead

  • Kinga VĂ rnai
    Senior Programme Manager

  • Gail Roadknight
    Programme Manager

  • Stephanie Little
    Programme Secretariat

Delivery Partners

  • Victoria Otley-Groom
    Chief Digital and Information Officer, BOB ICS

  • Mark Sellman
    CIO, Frimley Health and Care ICS and Connected Care

  • Dr Jason Bincalar
    CDIO, Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals, representing Surrey Heartlands ICS

  • Jane Hogg
    SRO Thames Valley and Surrey Care Records Partnership

  • Craig York
    CTO Milton Keynes University Hospital

  • Jon Burwell
    CIO, Great Western Hospital 

  • Edward Decesare
    Assistant Director of Digital, SCAS

The TVS SDE Governance

Programme Board

The Programme Board was established in January 2022 to decide on, and oversee, the work of the Thames Valley and Surrey Secure Data Environment. The terms of reference and membership of the Board can be found here. 

Terms of reference for the Access Review Committee and advisory groups are currently being co-produced.  Further information to follow.